Leo (July 21-Aug. 22) Horoscope for August 2017

Try not to be impulsive early in the month, Uranus retrograde in Aries makes you want to break free of constraints. You can have new experiences, just make sure they are the right ones. On the 25th the retrograde ends, after this takes place you will find things start to move in the direction you want.

From the 12th Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, this could possibly bring some financial stress, so make sure you are careful with your money, try not to splurge during this time. If you are feeling out of sorts try some gentle exercise, such as a walking machine, or actually going for a walk outside, if you are able do this three times a week. Also quiet moments of mindfulness will be helpful.

Around the 22nd you will be looking at your life from a new vantage point and will experience some light bulb moments, when this takes place try not to implement all your ideas at once. Take one thing at a time, and don’t start anything else until you have completed what you started. Feeling frustrated with life happens to everyone at some point, however this can be a very constructive time if you view what you are feeling objectively and make step by step plans for change.

Towards the end of the month you will be feeling affectionate and loving, giving and being kind to those who are important to you. You will want more attention and affection in love. Singles will find they are very attractive to prospective partners.


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