Leo (July 21-Aug. 22) Horoscope for June 2017

You may be feeling up in the air about your work life, and a little adrift, sit down and write what it is you really what at this point in your life, just the action of putting pen to paper helps you to become clearer about what it is you really want. Many of you will be feeling very creative, this will come about in building something, painting walls or canvas, writing, starting a course or changing the way you look and present yourself to the world.

There will be a surge of energy early in the month and you will feel driven to take action, you will attend to things you have put off this can be as simple as Feng Shui your home, or as big as changing countries. No more procrastinating for you, now is the time to take action and mould your life into the shape you want it to be.

Be careful with your finances and look out for impulse buys you may later regret, again this can be something small or it can be something big and life changing, think before you act, use your intuition with a healthy sprinkle of objectivity. When feeling very unsure about whether to go ahead, stand back and think about all the aspects of what you are going to do. This is a very fertile time for you, the actual birth of a child, the birth of a business, the birth of an idea or the birth of greater self-understanding.

Love is in the air for singles, this may be a good time for those in a partnership to reaffirm their vows or to put more time and energy into the relationship.

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