Leo (July 21-Aug. 22) Horoscope for October 2017

When you enter into a dialogue with someone, it is important that what you are saying they are hearing and there are no mixed messages. In a close personal relationship you require a strong mental connection as well as a physical one, two minds in sync. It is likely you will be teaching others what you know, this will be a very creative and constructive venture for you. Many of you will feel the urge to put pen to paper and keep a record of thoughts and feeling, this will be therapeutic. 

Strengthening yourself mentally will help you progress effectively, learn to download and release baggage as you move through your life. Through this you will become a better partner, son, brother, daughter, sister, friend, mother, father, grandparent. 

If you have been thinking about a business venture, now would be the perfect time to take the first steps, take your time and pay attention to detail. There is plenty of positive energy around you and the planets are, and will be, beautifully aligned for you. 

Any legal matters, signing documents, custody matters, business partnerships, exchange of contracts, can be attended to from the 5th October thanks to a full moon occurring in Aries. The new moon in Libra on 19th October will trigger new ideas and abundant energy, work with this energy to create positive change. 





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