Leo (July 21-Aug. 22) Horoscope for April 2017

Caring and sharing within a relationship is important, reveal how you are feeling and keep the lines of communication open, you want closeness but at the same time you are fearful of being overwhelmed by another. Personal power is all important to have successful relationships with others, listen more to what those you care about are actually saying and don’t take other’s feelings for granted.

Study will be playing a part as you either try something new, or add to what you have already done, you are very receptive to new information and absorb this well, you will get on particularly well with the one who is tutouring you. It’s a big wide world and you want to gain as much knowledge as you can, you feel fulfilled when you are learning something new, you also like to share your knowledge with others.

A young relative requires your time and attention and this you give readily, by the same token pay attention to what you are working on, there is time for both, be aware of time management. Your time is important, use it well. You will be feeling very giving towards those you care about, and it will be important to you to do nice things for loved ones.

You will be asking yourself what you believe in and start rethinking your priorities, this may be something that has been long overdue. Ask yourself the big questions and write down your answers, you will gain a clearer picture of where you are heading.

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