Leo (July 21-Aug. 22) Horoscope for January 2017

Before you try anything new make sure you have done ample research, no rushing things, if you have planted the seeds of a new idea, give the seeds time to grow, try not to tug at the shoots, they may need more water and sunshine.

The need to bring more balance into your life will be overwhelming, also the need to shed what you don’t need. Like the snake you will shed your skin, this will leave you feeling all shiny and new, with the attitude you can take on anything. Work with this feeling and see what you can attain, along with shedding a skin, old baggage, especially fears, will be dumped unceremoniously. You will be well rid and feel lighter for it.

Pay attention to your finances and work on a more effective saving plan, there may be the opportunity for investments that will serve you well. You will be looking at what is coming in and what is going out, you will streamline your finances.

There is passion and intensity in love and the opportunity to transform a relationship. Singles will crave sensitivity, attentiveness and intimacy.

Best love days 12, 13, 29.

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