Gemini (May 23-June 20) Horoscope for May 2017

This is a good month for creative projects, you will be full of energy and feel the need to make things happen. Something you have been procrastinating about will finally be attended to, and you will feel better for it. There will be the want to change your environment, this will be done by changing your colour scheme, hence changing the energy and vibration within your home. You will have a new lease on life.

If there is a health matter that has been troubling you, now would be a good time to pay attention to it. There could likely be dietary changes that will work well for you. It’s not a nice feelings to be pulled in two different directions, effective communication is needed where those you care about are concerned, be open and honest.

Later in the month you will be receiving plenty of attention and enjoying every moment of it, you will come across as charming and charismatic. Others will be drawn to you, this is a perfect time for those who are single to meet someone they connect well with.

The end of the month offers new opportunities that you will be very enthusiastic about, you will feel as though nothing is beyond you, give yourself time to rest in between projects. This will be a good time to start something new, or to begin a new phase in your life.

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