Gemini (May 23-June 20) Horoscope for June 2017

Your intuition will be heightened this month, let this be your guiding light, you will feel somewhat introspective, go with this feeling, commune with the inner you. Something is bubbling under the surface as though there is an exciting project coming up that will create big changes in your life.

The creative side of you will not be quietened therefore give it free reign, let what you have suppressed surface, you will feel the need for more colour in your life, this could be in your home, in your work, the way you present yourself, or self-expression through writing. However your creative light burns, go with it.

You will be thinking about finances and how better to handle what comes in and what goes out, a professional will guide you towards an effective financial plan. There will be the opportunity to purchase property in an area you have wanted to live, this will be a joint venture. Some of you may decide to move house, or change countries. Others will focus on improving the environment in which they live.

Spending time with those you love always makes you happy, however there may be some problems with a difficult relative, remain calm and step back from the fray, they will come around.

Always the romantic at heart, singles have the opportunity to meet that special someone, those in a partnership will be feeling especially amorous.

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