Gemini (May 23-June 20) Horoscope for April 2017

It may be difficult to make things happen at the beginning of the month, this is due to Venus being retrograde in Aries. There may be setbacks, holdups, difficulty communicating with others. Be patient, this will not last long. Focus on your short and long term goals, have a plan and work towards that which is important to you. From mid-month you should feel quite social and want to plan dinners, or outings with friends, there may be a weekend getaway dedicated to fun.

Your subconscious will be urging you to take notice of things you have been burying, matters needing your attention can’t be tucked away forever. Some soul searching will be necessary, you need to work out whether the direction you are moving in, is the right direction for you. If it is, keep doing what you are doing, if not, rethink matters. There will be intense focus on matters of the heart.

Independence is very important to you and you can feel positively claustrophobic if something is stopping your freedom of movement, or ability to complete a task. You will be feeling particularly sensitive along these lines, and will look at your direction with honesty.

You will feel more compassionate and caring towards the end of the month, and feel the need to do something nice for those you care about. Within a relationship, make sure the person you are communicating with, is actually hearing what you are saying.

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