Gemini (May 23-June 20) Horoscope for February 2017

By being positive, diplomatic and enthusiastic you will open up new opportunities for yourself, when you begin something that is working for you continue to the end, you will be thrilled with the results. If the small picture is a little fuzzy, look at the big picture and things will become clearer. 

As the Sun enters Pisces around mid month you will feel very sure of yourself and feel as though you are making progress, you will re access your life and have a new focus on exactly which direction you want to go. Believing in yourself will carry you far. 

You are to know exactly who to talk to regarding your goals and you will be receiving assistance from someone you admire and who’s work ethic you would like to mirror. This is a positive person for you to receive guidance from, who is so enthusiastic it rubs off on you, giving you new purpose. 

Create downtime for yourself this month and spend time with those you love, it is healing for you. Giving and receiving love will leave you feeling very content. Singles you may want to take it slowly with that new person in your life. 

Best love days 26, 27, 29.


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