Gemini (May 23-June 20) Horoscope for December 2016

From mid-month you will be feeling more driven there will be a quiet sense of success, if something has been blocking your path, you will find a way around it, it will take a new approach. Knowing what you are capable of is important for you to succeed, you will be taking an overview of your life, and be looking at what you’ve done, and what you’ve achieved. This will give you a clearer picture of how you want to progress, at this point in your life.

There will be the need to learn more, especially something that will help you grow and be more productive, you will take on a new form of study, this will be something that is close to your heart. There will be a new approach to how you handle your finances, you may be looking at investments, or a more effective way to manage your money.

Sometimes you can be too analytical, try to tune in to your psyche, the sense of knowing that we all have, that offers guidance and helps us to make decisions. Let go of the dour thoughts you have from time to time, and focus more on your accomplishments. You’ll have to try extra hard to see the good in others.

Singles can expect some flirtatious moments, and there is passion. Those in a relationship will be taking the time to focus on each other and their individual needs, there will be romantic gestures and new found intimacy.

Best love days 3, 4, 8.

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