Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 20) Horoscope for June 2017

This is a good time for you to organise your life, and to pay attention to detail, organise things on the home front first, then move to other projects such as your working life, those who are home with children will be looking at opportunities to work from home. Try not to leap from the frying pan into the fire, if you are going to make a change be certain it is the right one.

You will be feeling energised, driven, and open to new opportunities, there will be new work opportunities for those who have been wanting to make a change, there will be promotions for those who have been wanting a shift in their work. Business partnerships will work providing everyone is on the same page, be open and communicative, bounce ideas off each other.

Success will come from believing in self, especially regarding a creative venture, maybe it is time to pick up those paint brushes,  start writing that novel, begin that class, or to focus wholeheartedly on self-awareness.

There will be some tender romantic moments, have fun and be in the moment.

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