Cancer (June 21-July 20) Horoscope for October 2017

Understanding, what and how you are motivated can help you to attain that which has seemed out of reach, by understanding yourself you will progress more easily. Be determined when you know intuitively that something is right. 

You will find yourself experiencing heightened emotions, try not to let these feelings overwhelm you, take the time to understanding why you are feeling, what you are feeling, self-analysis can be liberating. Take charge of your emotions. 

There is a plan that is important to you and now would be a good time to implement it, however it will take time to come to fruition, make sure before building something new you prepare a strong foundation. 

Where finances are concerned show a measure of caution, think before you act and maintain your savings plan, there will be money coming to you that will go towards a goal, this could be in the way of a holiday, car, home, business deal or baby, it depends on what stage you are in your life. 

Your favourite place is being at home with family and those you are close to, the comfort and familiarity sustains you. A deep connection with your partner is necessary you need to know you are both on the same wavelength. 



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