Cancer (June 21-July 20) Horoscope for December 2016

The explorer in you surfaces this month, you will be looking at new opportunities, you will be contemplating embarking on a course to help you grow in your career. Those of you in business will be considering a new partner, this is likely to be someone you have a history with.

Be patient with those close to you this month, try to see someone else’s point of view, communicate clearly and honestly. If you are feeling out of sorts, be aware this is your problem, try to be patient to avoid disharmony. Try meditating it will help you to feel more balanced.

You may have felt as though you are being held back in your career, this reason for this is Uranus being retrograde, this ends the end of December. You’ll find you are able to take charge of your life, and your career.

There are to be some lifestyle changes, you will be working on creating the life you want to lead, this you will do by letting go of some baggage you have been carrying for a long time. There will be the need for quiet time, this will allow you to take an inward journey to understand yourself on a deeper level.

If your close personal relationship isn’t as you would want it to be, communicating with your partner will create a platform where both of you can reveal your feelings. Those of you who are single will be looking for someone you can commit to, someone who is serious about a relationship.

Best love days 1, 20, 23.

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