Cancer (June 21-July 20) Horoscope for April 2017

You will have the urge to try something new, but may be lacking in the energy that is required to make something happen. Venus retrograde is the cause of this hiccup, thats all it is, your energy and drive will return soon enough, then nothing will stop you from pursuing that which is important to you. The world will seem a friendly place again and you will be enthusiastic about plans for your future.

You have a rebellious streak, make sure you aren’t rebelling just for the sake of it, determination will take you far providing your expectations are realistic and sustainable. If there are setbacks or delays at this time, be patient and step back from the canvas of your life, you may be too close to see everything in its right perspective.

From mid-month you will be quite social, others will find you charming and interesting, you will be communicating well and enjoying yourself. You will be feeling positive about your dreams and desires and feel that all is well in your world. Take care of your diet and make sure you are getting enough exercise and plenty of sleep, you may need to take a vitamin supplement, possibly iron and vitamin D.

A decision will be made regarding your love life and what you want to experience in this area of your life. There is the want for more excitement and intensity within a relationship.

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