Aries (March 21 – April 19) Horoscope for January 2017

The early part of the month you will feel introspective, you will be focusing on your intuition. Later in the month friendships will be important and there will be the need to reach people on a deeper. You will very likely expand your social circle and you will be paying attention to your hopes and dreams. This will be a month of opportunities so be alert to them.

It will be easier to pursue that which you want, you will have boundless energy and enthusiasm, this will be contagious, others will benefit from your high spirits. Because of the way you are feeling and the energy you have, there will be the want to jump into new things, make sure that what you throw yourself into you do actually want. Try not to squander the energy and enthusiasm you have.

Those in love will be especially tender and tuned in, those who are single must make an effort to communicate more effectively. Those in a partnership will pay close attention to their partner’s needs.

Best love days 14, 19, 20.

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