Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) Horoscope for July 2018

This month it is important for you to maintain a physical and emotional balance, make sure you have important time alone, this is an absolute necessity for you, don’t let others encroach on this time. Let your spiritual understanding guide you and if you are feeling tired, slow your pace, you will still get things done, just not as fast as usual.

You will be looking at your diet and rethinking your approach to food, a relative will encourage you and decide to do the same thing. There will be an entirely new way of shopping and cooking, this will do wonders for your health. Natural foods will agree with you.

Someone who is going through an illness will need you, be there for this person, at the same time create a space for you, in this space be still and quiet, let your mind float, it will be therapeutic for you. A massage wouldn’t go astray either, if you can organise it, especially if the therapist can come to your home, which is your sanctuary.

Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) Horoscope for June 2018

There some big changes to take place in your life, some welcomed, some not, embrace that which is welcome and work with that which is not in your usual pragmatic fashion. Speaking of fashion, you are to undergo a makeover, you feel like presenting yourself to the world in an entirely different way. Inwardly you have been going through major changes and you want to reflect this outwardly.

In your love life you require someone in a similar mental space to you, being an eccentric, you want a likeminded person, someone will enter your life in a most unusual manner and will complement you. A change of location may come with this, a new residence or possibly a move to another state or country.

Entering in to a new business venture is always a big step, however you may have been thinking about something for a long time and now you know the timing is right. Try not to burn the candle at both ends, especially if you are caring for a sick relative, get as much rest as you can.


Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) Horoscope for May 2018

There may have been a rift regarding family that you have tried to understand, the reality is that the family you were born into may not be the family that you are in tune with, once you come to terms with this life will flow more easily for you. Consider your place in the world and what you want out of life, plan for the biggest dream you can dream. Expect the unexpected.

Some years ago you made a decision that changed the course of your life and you have been struggling with this decision ever since. There is to be an opportunity for a do over and this time you will make a decision that works for you, this will take place once you realise the lessons you have to learn.

Be aware when sharing personal information with another person that this person is discreet, you are a very private person and keep your cards very close to the chest, this has actually worked for you in your life, you have always chosen carefully those with whom you share information. Be open to love and to feeling vulnerable in love.


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