Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) Horoscope for August 2017

Over the coming months there are changes that you will adapt to, ideas and plans are to shift. If you feel out of sorts try meditation on a daily basis, also yoga would be very beneficial. On the 12th Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo this will lead to some deep contemplation which will be very revealing. You may decide to transform an area of your life.

On August the 7th a lunar eclipse takes place in Aquarius, something you have worked on will come to fruition, this will leads to opportunities. It is likely you are to feel more emotional and open. When the solar eclipse takes place on 21st August in Leo you will be drawing new people into your life. If you are in business for yourself you will consider expanding.

Not one to compromise, something will be presented to you that you feel has merit it will lead to you changing your thought process about a long held belief. Sometimes it only takes the slightest shift in perspective to reap the rewards.

As Venus enters Leo on 25th August you will feel the need to spend time with family and will look at how lucky you are to have such close ties. You will want to do nice things for those you love and care about. Some compromise may be needed regarding your love life, a subtle change may make all the difference. Singles want someone who can commit.


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