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Agricultural Rituals

Agricultural rituals are specifically to improve crops, animals, drought and famine, over time areas were set aside and temples built for these rituals

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The ancient and universal practice of chanting is a repetition of sacred or magical words, names, phrases and spells to alter consciousness and raise psychic power.

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Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon (also known as drawing down the goddess) Is a highly relevant and beautiful ritual, in which the energy of the goddess, symbolised by the moon, is invoked, the goddess is then drawn into the person who is conducting the ritual.

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Your Book of Shadows (Grimoire)

A Book of Shadows is a witches most treasured possession, As soon as you begin your journey as a witch, you begin your Book of Shadows.

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Gods and Angels for Invocation

Enhance your life by invoking the Gods, Goddesses and Angels

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Spellcasting with Gods of Power

The energy of Thor when invoked will give you the strength you need to overcome anything.

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Love Goddesses and Spellcasting

We are surrounded by magick, it’s just a matter of tapping the energies available as they float around us.

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Voodoo Magick

The essence of Voodoo is essentially an understanding that everything in the Universe is undeniably linked, spiritually

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Spell-Casting for Witches

The first thing you do when making magic, is to have an intention, you decide what it is you want, create a vivid image in your mind’s eye and trust your intuition. It helps if you absolutely believe in what…

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Ritual Magic

Rituals can be very quick and simple or elaborate and ceremonial, magical ritual however does stand apart from other rituals. Magical rites are unique and before performing them it is necessary to have an intention, this is a clear idea,…

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Magic and Spell-Casting

Magic is the practice of having an intention and bringing that intention into reality, through the manipulation of energies, with practice magic becomes stronger and more powerful

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Magic Wands

Introduction: The wand has been used for centuries by witches to help them create their magic it is a precious tool and an integral part of a witch’s bag of tricks, the wand was and is used for healing as…

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