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The Magic of Crystals and Gemstones

Crystals and gemstones are like people, each one is unique and exudes a specific energy, a crystal or gemstone may be used for healing, magick, spell casting, to inspire, uplift, balance, calm and energise.

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Shamanism is an ancient system of healing, whereby a shaman enters an altered state of consciousness allowing him to consult with guardian and helping spirits.

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Hoodoo has been handed down through generations, mixing folk medicine, European magic and Native American tradition, it is a unique branch of occultism.

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The Witches Pyramid

The Witches’ Pyramid – Also known as the Four Pillars of the Witches’ Temple, is the foundation for all magical work and represents the mindset necessary to create magic and the qualities to be embraced by all witches.

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Olympion Spirits

Olympick spirits, are seven entities who rule over the 196 provinces that the universe is divided into, the seven Olympian spirits each rule a set number of provinces

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The ancient and universal practice of chanting is a repetition of sacred or magical words, names, phrases and spells to alter consciousness and raise psychic power.

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Elementals – Are spirits of the elements, earth – air – fire – water, gnomes are earth elementals, sylphs are air elementals, salamanders are fire elementals and undines (also nymphs) are water elements.

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Cunning Folk

Cunning folk – Traditionally the cunning man or cunning woman was a person who, healed, worked magic, created herbal remedies, provided charms, anti-witch measures, spells, and fortune telling services, they were paid a fee for their work.

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Astral Travel

Astral travel, or astral projection, is when the astral body leaves the physical body and travels into astral realms. It stays tethered to the physical body by a fine silver cord that has a limitless reach.

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Amulets – Are objects imbued with magical protective properties, warding off bad luck, loss, illness, evil and curses. They are used to ensure a happy, healthy, prosperous life, and for protection during rituals, and magic work.

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Spirit Animals

While most witches work with animal familiars, many also work with spirit animals, this is done by choosing a particular animal, and taking into consideration its inherent energies.

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Colour Healing

When healing with colour you are giving the body that is ailing an extra dose of any colour/s lacking. Because colour is a natural element, colour healing is something anybody can do, without danger to the person they are healing.

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