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Year of the Snake – 2013

The year of the Snake begins on February 10th, heralding steady progress, meticulous attention to detail and self discipline.

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Crystal Astrology

Your personal birthstone offers protection and positive energy, as a talisman it will draw good fortune and healing.

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Year of the Rabbit

Your dreams and wishes can come true in the year of the Rabbit, and for those who have been wishing for a long time, this is the year for you.

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Moon Magic & the Zodiac

Most people are aware of their Sun sign, but not many know their Moon sign. Where the Moon was at your time of birth is most important in revealing your inner world.

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Soul Mates & Chinese Astrology

The Law of attraction tells us that certain souls seek each other out and neither race, nor creed, nor family background or any variety of differences will deflect certain karmic connections.

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Planetary influences

Each sun sign is influenced by one main planet and the energy of that planet has an effect on you every day of your life, although you are also influenced by other planets to varying degrees, it is your main planet that has the most influence.

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Find Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Find your Chinese Star Sign and Element

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Introduction To Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology was formed by Buddha. To celebrate the Chinese new year Buddha invited 12 animals to a race and the order in which they would arrive would determine their place in the Chinese zodiac.

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Star Sign Love Compatibility

Astrology is a doorway leading to your deeper self, it helps you to take charge of your own destiny, we are all influenced by the position of the heavenly bodies, Sun signs, Moon signs, Planets, Ascendants and Houses all interact to affect and shape our life.

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Blood Type Personalities

Learning about a person’s personality by their blood type began in the early 20th century and has quietly progressed and been used by an interested few, but there are many skeptics and whether you believe or not it is a very interesting study.

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Find Your Zodiac Sign

Find your Star Sign

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Introduction To Astrology

Astrology is the placement of the planets at any given time and can reveal information peculiar to the individual, the movement and position of planets have a profound effect on our lives

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