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Bizarre Incidents Captured at The Barnsley Antiques Center

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An employee at The Barnsley Antiques Center in South Yorks, England, reported multiple strange occurrences at the shop. Despite being initially skeptical about paranormal activity, the employee now thinks twice after witnessing numerous bizarre incidents.

“The number of weird incidents that have happened here over the years is absolutely bizarre,” the employee said. “I’ll just be stood at the till and things will start dropping off the shelves, which happens all the time.” According to the employee, people familiar with paranormal activity believe the shop is haunted by ghosts and spirits.

One such unexplained incident took place shortly before the shop opened. The employee was notified of smashed glass on the floor and, after reviewing the CCTV footage, saw a cabinet mysteriously explode.

A spiritualist medium who came to investigate claimed to have felt the presence of two young spirits in the building. The cause of the strange activity remains unknown, leaving room for speculation of either paranormal or conventional explanations.

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