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Book of Shadows

Witch’s Magick

Throughout history witches have been persecuted due to misconceptions, and fear based hysteria. Most witches who were targeted were healers and midwives, there to...

Lone Witch

Rather than belonging to a coven or being part of a group, there are many witches who are lone sailors, they prefer to walk...

My Temple

A Temple is a specific place that is cleared for meditative and magickal practices and this allows you to make a connection with the...


Witchcraft draws on ancient wisdom and the power of the universe, as you partake in magick rituals altered states of consciousness can be reached....


Through meditation the mind becomes strong and is able to take control of wandering thoughts, even the most intelligent mind wanders.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is when you are in your dream and become aware that you are actually dreaming, recognising a dream while you are in...

Altered States

Self perception is consciousness of self through the five senses, your sixth sense takes you to a new level of perception, this can be...

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