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Wiccan Sabbats

The Sabbats celebrate the eternal circle of life – birth, death and rebirth. These seasonal holidays have been followed for many thousands of years by ancient cultures such as Nordic, Celtic and Greek.

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Witch’s Magic

Everyone has this ability in a nascent state, it’s just a matter of learning how to channel the untapped stream of power.

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Lone Witch

Rather than belonging to a coven or being part of a group, there are many witches who are lone sailors, they prefer to walk the magic path with autonomy.

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My Temple

A Temple is a specific place that is cleared for meditative and magical practices.

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Witchcraft draws on ancient wisdom and the power of the universe, as you partake in magic rituals altered states of consciousness can be reached.

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Witches and Other Creatures

Superstition paints a very dark picture of witches, they are described as old, bent, unattractive, bow legged, stringy haired practitioners of dark magic.

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Altered States

Self perception is consciousness of self through the five senses, your sixth sense takes you to a new level of perception.

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Hoodoo is a system of folk magic with a spiritual base, traditional in the African American culture, also called rootwork and conjure magic.

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The Witch’s Pyramid

The Witches’ Pyramid – Also known as the Four Pillars of the Witches’ Temple, is the foundation for all magical work and represents the mindset necessary to create magic and the qualities to be embraced by all witches.

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Elementals – Are spirits of the elements, earth – air – fire – water, gnomes are earth elementals, sylphs are air elementals, salamanders are fire elementals and undines (also nymphs) are water elements.

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Cunning Folk

Traditionally the cunning man or cunning woman was a person who healed, and worked magic

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Amulets are objects imbued with magical protective properties, warding off bad luck, loss, illness, evil and curses.

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