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Ghostly Connections

Ghosts are universal, some quiet, some noisy, most benevolent, some malevolent, however a ghost presents itself to the individual or the many, you are forced to take notice....

Ghost Hauntings

There are many ghost stories but the tale of the dancing ghost is one of the more extreme hauntings as it intensified with time and there seemed to be no way to remove the ghost....

Ghost Flies Out Bar Window

A popular Pub in Cumbria UK, named the Wolfe Pub, well known for its strange paranormal activity Captures on Security camera what appears to be a misty figure hovering over a table then quickly flying out the window.

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Ghost in King Henry the VIII Castle

This video was recorded in Leeds Castle Kent, England the Royal Palace to King Henry the 8th. This famous caste is said to be haunted by Princess Caroline, King Henrys Daughter. Princess Caroline died from a mysterious head injury at only 13months old. A team...