Spell to remove an enemy from your life

Spell to remove an enemy from your life

White candle for protection

This spell can be used to remove an unwanted person from your life.

On a Saturday evening light a black candle, burn three drops of sandalwood oil in your oil burner. On a piece of parchment write the name of the enemy and place the paper under the black candle. Stare into the flame and say the following: 

As night becomes day 

[Name of enemy] stay far away 

Move on from my life 

From now and forever 

As I say so mote it be 

Let the candle burn for 10 minutes and snuff it out.  

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  • Laurel DJennings
    Reply November 6, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    I need this I have unwanted presence in my house.. I really need to get rid of them??

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