Spell to remove an enemy from your life

Spell to remove an enemy from your life

This spell can be used to remove an unwanted person from your life.

On a Saturday evening light a black candle, burn three drops of sandalwood oil in your oil burner. On a piece of parchment write the name of the enemy and place the paper under the black candle. Stare into the flame and say the following: 

As night becomes day 

[Name of enemy] stay far away 

Move on from my life 

From now and forever 

As I say so mote it be 

Let the candle burn for 10 minutes and snuff it out.  

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  • Laurel DJennings
    Reply November 6, 2018at5:01 pm

    I need this I have unwanted presence in my house.. I really need to get rid of them??

  • rudy macduncan
    Reply April 27, 2019at5:03 am

    i really need this unwanted person out of my life but i have my yes and no for doing this spell.

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