Protection Spells

Protection spell to keep your thoughts calm and positive

Protection spell to keep your thoughts calm and positive

Spell to keep your thoughts positive no matter what is taking place around you. This spell helps you to have a positive attitude towards life. Recite the following.


I feel a peace encircle me

Such tranquility can always be

My thoughts do flow with energies gentle

Serene and sure I do feel

Energy of life I feel within

I breathe in peace I feel it grow

A sense of calm well-being mine

I claim this feeling for all time

No matter what I overcome

I feel such strength building sure

I have thoughts now wise and pure

Sense of peace encircles me

With mind’s eye I see clearly

Universal energy felt

Safety there will always be

I breathe in peace it gives me strength

I think peace

Earth’s energy there for evermore

A certain freedom I do claim

Mind is light circle strong

Evermore I step within

I now know I can overcome

Evermore I step within

Circle of safety evermore

I overcome

Sit quietly when you have finished chanting, light a candle and some incense. Let your mind wonder and think of beauty and the freedom of your thoughts, your mind is like a room you decorate let it be filled with beautiful thoughts. No matter what is taking place around you, your mind and your thoughts are in your control.




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