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This is a spell to help you become debt free

This is a spell to help you become debt free

This is a spell to help you pay off your debts. It will guide you to handle your finances in a new and more balanced way.

You will need:
One blue candle.
One oil burner.
Rose essence.
One green crystal any type.

You will be calling upon Pluto God of wealth, he is associated with bounty and abundance.

If you have an altar, place your candle in the middle and light it, otherwise place it on a table. Put your oil burner containing water, and three drops rose essence to the right of your altar and light the candle. Take a deep breath and focus on the candle flame. Pick up the crystal and hold in your left hand.

Recite the following:

I call upon Pluto God of wealth. May his energy surround me. I ask for abundance. Come to me Pluto take my hand. That I shall walk the road of prosperity. May I stay on this path now and forever. Let this be done.

When you have finished your chant, focus again on the candle flame and imagine Pluto holding your hand as you walk along a path paved with gold. Do this for 10 minutes then thank Pluto for his guidance, you may then let the candle burn down. This is a powerful spell that builds over time.

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