Spell to help you find a new job

Spell to help you find a new job

This spell is for those who are unhappy with their work situation and want a job earning more money, it is a spell of opportunity and knowing when to seize the moment. Cast this spell after dark on a Wednesday.

You will need:
One black pen.
One white piece of paper.
One fireproof container.
One small amethyst crystal.
One green candle.
Rose essence.
Three gold coins

Place the candle in the middle of a table consecrate with the rose essence, and light it. Write on the piece of paper how much money you would like to earn, to enable you to live comfortably, in detail write down your ideal work environment. Light the piece of paper with the candle flame and carefully place it in the fireproof container.

Recite the following:

The power position comes to me. I call my guides let this be. Opportunity I do take. I know how to wealth make. And it harm no one. Let this be done.

Once the paper has burned completely, consecrate the gold coins and place them in the bowl. Turn the bowl once to the right and twice to the left. Bury the coins and the ash in the garden, or in a plant pot. You will find that after about eight weeks new and productive opportunities will come your way.

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