Love spell to bring someone unusual into your life

Love spell to bring someone unusual into your life

This love spell can bring someone very unusual into your life.

You will need:
Jasmine essence.
One teaspoon Sugar.
One cup and saucer.
A small bunch of flowers in water.
One incense stick.
One white candle.
Cast this spell after dark.

Place one teaspoon of sugar into the cup. Add two drops of jasmine essence, stir three times. Place the bunch of flowers next to the cup and saucer. Place the incense and the candle at the Eastern end of the table, light both. Sit and gaze at the candle contemplating the feeling of being in love and being loved.

Recite the following twice:

Love’s bounty will be mine. Desire there is to be. I draw love to me. So mote it be. And it harm no one. Let it be done.

After you have finished chanting gaze at the candle again for 10 mins, then let it burn down.

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