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Top 30 Ghost Sightings Caught on Tape

A video collection of the top 30 ghost sighting

0 Comments / 1372 View / April 14, 2014

Creepy Paranormal videos

A selection of creepy Paranormal videos

0 Comments / 167 View / October 17, 2011

Ghost of a young boy caught on security cam

A couple who suspected that there were spirits in their home, setup a security camera. The pair capture what appears to be the ghost of a young boy.

0 Comments / 428 View / October 17, 2011

Unknown Winged Creature Caught on Camera

An unknown angel like spirit caught on a closed circuit television (CCTV)

0 Comments / 242 View / October 17, 2011

Creepy Ghost at a UK Phone Shop

Strange Footage of a ghostly female figure walking past a doorway at the back of a telephone shop.

0 Comments / 47 View / October 17, 2011


Ghost Flies Out Bar Window

A popular Pub in Cumbria UK, named the Wolfe Pub, well known for its strange paranormal activity Captures on Security camera what appears to be a misty figure hovering over a table then quickly flying out the window.

0 Comments / 815 View / February 22, 2011


Ghost of Girl Appears Near Vending Machine

As a couple are walking along the road at night, The ghost of a young girl appears on the camera

0 Comments / 45 View / February 22, 2011


Ghost in King Henry the VIII Castle

This video was recorded in Leeds Castle Kent, England the Royal Palace to King Henry the 8th. This famous caste is said to be haunted by Princess Caroline, King Henrys Daughter. Princess Caroline died from a mysterious head injury at…

0 Comments / 552 View / February 22, 2011

Argentina Factory Ghost

A camera captures a ghostly apparition in an Argentina Factory

0 Comments / 24 View / October 7, 2010

Ghost in Cemetary

A ghost stands behind a man sitting by a grave

0 Comments / 32 View / October 7, 2010

Ghost in Parking Garage

A security tape captures the ghost of a women floating around a parking garage

0 Comments / 24 View / October 7, 2010

Ghost walking the hall

A man captures on tape what he believes is the ghost of his mother walking around at night

0 Comments / 18 View / October 7, 2010